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Jag vandrar under träden – Sub arboribus ambulo – I walk under the trees

10 april – 9 may 2021

Floras Rike

Gothenburg Botanical Gardens

Participating artists: Sofia Bankeström, Staffan Jonsson, Li Liang, Sanna Wallgren and Hendrik Zeitler

An exhibition of art jewellery and art photography inspired by the Gothenburg Botanical Gardens. The exhibition is curated by Hnoss Initiative and is made in collaboration with Botanical Gardens. Five local artists, five different voices, invited to look for inspiration by the gardens, as well as the title of the project ”I walk under the trees”.

A collaborative exhibition, showing new individual artworks, developed during 2020/21.

The exhibition is part of Gothenburg Craft Days that take place in the end of the exhibition period, 6-9 of May.

Sofia Bankeström

Morsus, brooch 2020. Copper, teeth.

Sofia Bankeström, b 1986, is a jewellery artist, educated at HDK, Gothenburg and Alchimia Contemporary jewellery school, Florence. The topics of her work revolves around nature and long time perspectives.

“During a visit to the greenhouse, the Toromiro tree caught my attention. This small tree is extinct in the wild and has through winding routes found its way to Gothenburg Botanical Garden. Through this work, the history of Easter Island, which is marked by colonialism and exploitation, has become visible to me, and the tree has become a symbol of a lost world. In my works the tree has adapted in order to defend itself – a different ending can be glimpsed.”

Staffan Jonsson

Instinct/The permanent marks we leave in each other, pin 2021.
Old Engraving-chisel with hand-carved handle, old screw, 18 karat gold.

Staffan Jonsson, b.1983, is a jewellery artist living and working in Gothenburg, Sweden. ”As an artist I use human activity and relations as a starting point. How we relate to each other and to our surroundings.”

“In this work, my starting point has been a literal interpretation of walking under the trees. My works are physical representations of thoughts that I’ve had during walks. I have thought of trees as individuals and as worlds in themselves. I have thought of life and death and what a beginning, an end and a continuation are. Through five different works I’ve looked at the cyclical, the temporary and the “eternal”, which is what life means to me.”

Li Liang

Hugs, necklace 2020. Aluminium, paint.

Li was born in China and lives and works in Sweden. She studied at HDK, Academy of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg and was one of the Marzee Graduate Prize winners. “Art is a way to interpret the world. I use my work to create understanding and communication with others.”

“For me, there are two parts in the existence of a tree. One part is quite tangible and visible above the ground, the other is hidden deep under the ground and only rarely seen. When I walk through the forest, when the broken dead branches creak from foot steps, the trees will also direct my attention to the ground under my feet. The roots wind under the ground, they absorb nutrients and water from the soil so that the tree can grow. A tree’s canopy and its roots exist in two completely different environments. The canopy responds to the calling of the sun, and the roots reach out to the water source. Each is completing a task given by nature.”

Sanna Wallgren

Urban Botanics, necklace 2020/21. Anodized aluminium.

Sanna Wallgren, b. 1986, is a jewellery artist from Skara, Sweden, educated at HDK and now based in Gothenburg. Her work is focused on themes related to the human body and with the technique of anodizing she aimes to create an ambiguous fantasy world.

“I think of parks as hybrids between the city and nature. By creating an ordered environment we can take nature into the city and bring it closer to man. In my work, I use the anodization technique, which has a strong connection with outdoor activities and sporting equipment. In this project, I wanted to explore an expression close to vegetation, and I have taken a starting-point in foliation’s repetition of forms. This, in combination with materials that have a connotation of man’s attraction to nature, has resulted in the objects in this exhibition.”

Hendrik Zeitler

Sugar cane – saccharum officinarum, photograph 2021. Cameraless photography.

Hendrik Zeitler, b.1975, is a photographer originally from Germany, now living and working in Angered/Gothenburg. With the special ability of photography to observe and describe our time, Zeitler presents his works in books as well as exhibitions. The last few years he has been working with cameraless photography, a technique that is both abstract and true to the motive regarding shape and scale.

“The main purposes of botanical gardens is education, research and preservation – in my picture series I have portrayed cultivated plants that visitors often meet for the first time. Where these are grown, they are often seen as the greatest threats to biodiversity, and are treated with pesticides that are a direct threat to the people who harvest them, and they often require a lot of water in already dry areas. One of the plants, however, is victim to mankind’s rampage – through sheep-grazing and deforestation the species has been decimated to a few examples right here.”

Changing Postition 
 27 April 2019

Curated by Hnoss Initiative in collaboration with Four Gallery and supported by Iaspis/The Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s International Programme for Visual and Applied Artists.

The seminar will adress the topic of a jewellery artist in movement, physically and mentally, for a shorter or longer period of time. What effect will the relocation have on the artist? Could the distance to the homeland allow a sharper view or will it fill the gaze with nostalgia? In what way will the heritage present itself, what impression will it have on the art and what happens when the geografical and ethnic diversities get mixed up?

11.00 Introduction
11.15 Lecture by Johanna Zellmer
12.00 Lunch break

Exhibitions open, introductions from artists

13.30 Presentation of Current Obsession by Marina Elenskaya
14.10 Coco Sung and Karin Roy Andersson in conversation
14.40 Coffee break
15.00 Presentation of POP A.i.R by Monika Brugger
15.45 Changing Position moderated conversation by Marina Elenskaya
16.30 Round up by Hnoss/Four

Exhibitions open, guided tour to Four

17.00 Mingel, finger food, music in Konstepidemin Gallery

The seminar fee is 100 sek and includes a small lunch, coffee and fruit. Payment will be collected on arrival. Please register your participation in advance by sending us an email at The seminar is in english.

Hus 8, Konstepidemin 
Konstepidemins väg 6
413 14 Gothenburg, Sweden

The seminar is held in connection with several jewellery art exhibitions in Gothenburg:

Changing Postition Seminar.pdf

Konstepidemin 6-28 April:

Galleri Konstepidemin: MeldJohanna Zellmer, jewellery artist, New Zeeland 
Galleri Konstepidemin: Regarding House No10/Equipment Boxes, Mona Wallström, jewellery artist, Sweden
Galleri Konstepidemin, lounge: Charlotte Skalegård, metal artist, Sweden
Blå Huset: Anna Unsgaard, artist, Sweden

Konstepidemin 26-27 April:

Garaget: Out of placeKlaraBrynge/Åsa Christensson, jewellery artists, Sweden
Hus 8: Posture,MA and BA Students at HDK Jewellery Art

Four Gallery 26 April-5 May:

Coco Sung, jewellery artist, Korea/Germany

Presentation of lecturers and exhibitors:

Johanna Zellmer, jewellery artist, New Zeeland, Iaspis grantholder in residence in Gothenburg March – May 2019
Exhibition ”Meld”

Johanna Zellmer is a jewellery artist originally from Germany, now living and working in New Zeeland.
”During the past 5 years, my practice has focused on the subverting of monetary value by using currency as a key medium, and has subsequently moved into an investigation of migration, addressing the experienced realities of identity and location. Through the basic jewellery interventions of cutting and forging minted state symbols, I am questioning whether the hybrid identities of contemporary culture can be embodied in a single object. Symbols in metal, when forged under the hammer, become suggestive of shadows and take on the qualities of signs in a state of change, able to evoke a sense of hybridity.”

Coco Sung, jewellery artist, Germany
Coco Sung is a South Korean jewellery artist, based in Berlin, Germany. The work of Coco Sung is a vibrant collage of materials, colours and symbols. Bits and pieces from different cultures and religions merged together to personal amulettes. Although the amulettes originates from the artists own experiences, needs and wishes they easily transform in the eyes and on the body of a new receiver.. What wounds do you need to heal? From what do you need protection? Maybe you will find that special talisman that will fulfill your desires.

Monika Brugger, jewellery artist/curator/Artist in Residence manager, Pop A.i.R, France
Monika Brugger is a jewellery artist originally from Germany, living and working in France. She is a lecturer/teacher at ENSA, the National School of Art in Limoges, and she is the director of POP Bijou workshop and the POP Artist in Residence. The A.i.R focuses on building a platform for international jewellery artists, creating a dialogue beyond cultural, political and geografical boundaries. The resident will use artistic approaches in relation to the school and the town of Limoges with its specific history, using porcelain, ceramics and enamel.

Marina Elenskaya, journalist/jewellry artist, Current Obsession, Netherlands
Marina Elenskaya is a russian jewellery artist with a background in both journalism and applied art, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She is the founder and director of Current Obsession.
“Trained in Media Direction and later in Jewellery Design, I am currently involved in research and development of the critical discourse within the field of contemporary jewellery. Following my design training at Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence, Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, and most recently, the School of Visual Arts in New York, I have been involved in the jewellery industry from the standpoints of content development, publishing and facilitating opportunities for designers.”

Mona Wallström, jewellery artist/curator, Hnoss Initiative, Sweden
Exhibition “Regarding House No 10/Equipment Boxes”

“When I raise my head from work in my studio and look out the window, there it is, House no.10. My thoughts have bounced off the façade of the house for 20 years but I discovered it just now. 
As” Regarding House no 10” is an Art Jewellery project I decided that it would be in the form of neckpieces. This form allows more opportunities to work with space, volume and weight. Movement is achieved by linking the parts of the jewellery together and gives an opportunity for the components to interact with each other which is important for the final piece. 
Some moments of surprise occurred through the transition from a drawing to a wearable object; an unexpected transformation from one interpretation to another during the making of the piece. This moment of amazement came to be a part of the projects.”

Klara Brynge, jewellery artist/director of studies HDK Jewellery Art, Sweden
Åsa Christensson, jewellery artist/curator, Hnoss Initiative, Sweden
Exhibition “Out of Place”

“We are Åsa Christensson and Klara Brynge. Two jewellery artists who met during our studies at HDK in Gothenburg, Sweden, where we live and work. We practise our artistic work individualy and with different sources of inspiration. Still we found similarities in our approach to concept and material. In this collaboration we choose to show our pieces together.
The title of the project, Out of Place, is derived from thoughts about various places in the world and the investigation of something far away. These places do somehow exist in the world, not necessarily as one specific geographic place, but rather as a complex image, feeling or reflection of many similar places.”

MA and BA students at HDK Jewellery Art, Sweden
Exhibition “Posture”

In the department of jewellery art at HDK the students develop individual artistic voices. This exhibition shows a diversity of postures towards materials, influences, surroundings and inspirations. They speak in a spectrum of perspectives, approaches and positions through ideas and thoughts, in jewellery and objects.

Swedish Jewellery Art

7 Jan–28 Feb 2017 ATTA Gallery Bangkok, Thailand


Saturday 8 October 2016
Konstepidemin, Gothenburg, Sweden

Hnoss Initiative and IASPIS invites You to a seminar about
colour and jewellery.
Welcome to an inspiring and colorful day of presentations from various artists sharing their thoughts and processes surrounding the use and meaning of colour.

12.30 Registration and coffee
13.00 Christel Copp
14.00 Daniel Kruger
14.45 Break
15.15 Carina Shoshtary
16.15 Jiro Kamata
17.30 Party

The seminar is in English. Advance booking is required. Please submit Your booking before 30 september 2016, by sending an email with Your contact details (name, emailadress) to
A fee of 100 sek that includes coffee, refreshments and an afternoon meal, is collected upon arrival.

Gröna rummet
Konstepidemins väg 6
413 14 Gothenburg, Sweden

Exhibitions in Gothenburg during Code C:
Jiro Kamata at Four Gallery, 7 october – 5 november 2016,
HDK Jewellery Art students at Konstepidemin,

program pdf

Christel Copp is a swedish grafic designer, illustrator and visual artist as well as a frequent lecturer and teacher at Gothenburg University. Her talking points concern communication through imagery, visual
presentation and symbolism of colours. With her long experience Christel offers unique insight into how the mind interpret colour in everyday surroundings, in artistic areas and virtual environments.

Daniel Kruger is an internationally acclaimed jewellery artist from South Africa, now living in Germany, working as a professor in the Jewellery Department at the University of Art and Design i Halle.
”I use many different materials, both rich and poor. The forms vary from organic to geometric, the organic however seems to prevail. Texture,
pattern and colour play a big role, as does sensuality both in the shapes as well as in the use of material. Many pieces have a distinct erotic quality. I like symmetry; often pieces are made up of pairs.”

Carina Shoshtary is a german jewellery artist that graduated in 2012 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. In her current series she is literally tearing down her material off the walls. She is collecting colour sheets that separate from walls sprayed and painted with graffiti. The richness of
colours that the graffiti world offers, conform to hersensitivity and
affection for colour compositions.

Jiro Kamata is a jewellery artist originally from Japan, now living and
working i Munich, Germany.
Jiro combines goldsmithing techniques and non-traditional materials such as reflective
glass materials, eyeglasses and camera lenses. The
inorganic material is brought to life by the light refractions. Beams are
captured, transformed and transmitted to the wearer of the piece. The
colours, shapes and shadows are affected by the perspective – an
interaction between material, environment and receiver.

Hnoss extended
workshops and seminars
more pictures >


Benedikt Fischer

”4 solos/4 souls” Konstepidemin GalleryFour of the most exiting international jewellery artists proudly presented by Hnoss Initiative.
Benedikt Fischer, Austria/Germany, Nhat-Vu Dang, Netherlands/Germany, Noon Passama, Thailand/Netherlands, Despo Sophocleous, Canada/Germany

Åsa Christensson

”Garaget” Blå Huset garage, KonstepideminJewellery artists with very personal expressions presented in an intimate and ruff environment. 
Curated by Tore Svensson
Charlotte Maslov, Hanna Liljenberg, Klara Brynge, Mikael Sellersjö, Åsa Christensson

Matadero Konstepidemin Hus 10Walka Studio: Claudia Betancourt & Nano Pulgar, Chile

Walka Studio

Transhumance: The Sense of Place and PastureKonstepidemin Hus 10
Presentation of workshop led av Walka Studio with invited Nordic Jewellery artists

Hnoss Initiative activities is a part of New Adventures in Jewellery. Events, seminar, exhibitions, work-shop, lectures and more are arranged in collaboration with Röhsska Museum, KHVC-Konsthantverkscentrum and HDK-School of Design and Craft at Göteborg University.


Curator for the exhibition “SUBSTANCE” at Gustavsbergs Konsthall
Participating artists: Alexander Blank, Germany, Peter Hoogeboom, The Netherlands, Hanna Liljenberg, Sweden, Dorothea Prühl, Germany and Lucy Sarneel, The Netherlands

Dorothea Prühl

Curator for the exhibition Dorothea Prühl at Röhsska Muséet,Gothenburg

“SUBSTANCE”, seminar in Gothenburg connected to the exhibition in Gustavsberg.
Lectures: Peter Hoogeboom, The Netherlands, Felieke van den Leest, The Netherlands/Norway, Evert Nijland, The Netherlands and Maj Sandell from Gustavsbergs Konsthall, Sweden 
A cooperation with IASPIS
Location: Konstepidemin, Gröna Rummet, Gothenburg


THE RING – JEWEL FOR EVER, seminar in connection to the opening of the exhibition “The Ring – jewel for ever”.
Lectures: Anna Schetelich from Galerie OONA, Germany, Professor Otto Künzli, Germany and Manuel Vilhena, Jewellery Artist, Portugal. Moderator for the Seminar is Love Jönsson, craft and design critic and guest lecturer at School of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg.
A cooperation with HDK
Location: Cinema Bio Capitol, Gothenburg


Liesbeth den Besten: ”Kiwi Tactics: Conquering the World from an Isolated Position”
Warwick Freeman: ”Two-Headed Dogs: Making a Place for Making” 
Lisa Walker: ”Sometimes: A Retrospective Look at Works from 1992-2009”
A cooperation with HDK, Gothenburg University, School of Design and Craft, Röhsska Museum and Paletten art magazine. 
Location: Röhsska Museum, Gothenburg


TAKING PARTS, workshop and seminar. 
Workshop: Karin Seufert, Germany
Lecture: Karin Seufert, Germany, Hans Stofer, “The matter of hand”Switzerland, England and Anders Jakobsen, ”Radikalslöjd” Sweden
A cooperation with IASPIS
Location: Konstepidemin, Paviljong 8, Gothenburg


HNOSS DEPENDED, seminar in connection to the opening of the ”hnoss-10 years-jubilée-exhibition”
Lecture: Lucy Sarneel, The Netherlands – ”mind flights” Konrad Mehus, Norway – ”The National Project” Susan Pietzsch, Germany
A cooperation with HDK, Gothenburg University, School of Design and Craft and Röhsska Museum. 
Location: Röhsska Museum

HNOSS DEPENDED – 10 years jubilee. Exhibition at Röhsska Museum, Gothenburg.
73 of the artist of the gallery exhibit at the museum.


SITUATION, a 6-days workshop for international jewellery artists.
Location: Konstepidemin, Paviljong 10, Gothenburg
Lecture: Margaret West  „The flower in the wound“ Cynthia Cousens  „A sense of Place“ Liesbeth den Besten  „Beyond the showcases“
A cooperation with Craft in Dialogue/IASPIS
Location: Konstepidemin, Gröna rummet , Gothenburg


Hnoss Gallery in collaboration with HDK – School of Design and Crafts University of Gothenburg:
Mia Maljojoki, Mikiko Minewaki, Lin Cheung, Norman Weber, Gemma Draper, Kristi Paap, Warwick Freeman, Iris Nieuwenburg, Erik Kuiper, Ineke Heerken, Bettina Speckner, Peter Skubic, Lina Peterson, Ulrich Reithofer, Peter Hoogeboom, Mari Ishikawa, Sonia Morel, Marc Monzo, Andi Gut, Mah Rana, Svenja John, Georg Dobler, Kadri Mälk, Johanna Dahm, Beppe Kessler

Hnoss gallery 
exhibitions 1997–2011


Onno Boekhoudt

Ingjerd Hanevold, Lena Bergestad–Jonsson, Per Suntum, Kim Buck, Christer G. Jonsson, Peter de Wit, Otto Künzli, Andreas Treykorn, Verena Siber- Fuchs, Margareth Sandström, Karin Johansson, Sigurd Bronger, Esther Knobel, Tore Svensson, Anette Kraen, Beppe Kessler, Mona Wallström, Ari Turunen, Synnøve Korssjøen, Konrad Mehus, Onno Boekhoudt, Ulrika Swärd, Rian de Jong, Christoph Zellweger, Helena Lehtinen, Helena Sandström, Jamie Bennett, Lotta Åström, Karen Ihle/ Jens Eliasen, Johanna Dahm, Petra Schou, Adam Paxon, Bruce Metcalf, Eva Dora Lamm, Ruudt Peters, Barbara Paganin, Kasia Gasparski, Annelies Planteydt, Kadri Mälk, Lena Olson, Tarja Tuupanen, Manuel Vilhena, Castello Hansen, Gijs Bakker, Cecilia Johansson, Gunilla Grahn, Vera Siemund, Karl Fritsch, Nel Linssen, Margaret West, Lars Sture, Kerstin Ringedal, Fabrice Schaefer, Lucy Sarneel, Elise-Ann Hochlin, Georg Dobler, Katja Prins, Ramon Puig Cuyás, Xavier Monclús, Mah Rana, Peter Bauhuis, Silke Trekel, Terhi Tolvanen, Svenja John, Jivan Astfalck, Anna Unsgaard, Charlotte Ho Sook Sinding, Sonia Morel, Pia Aleborg, Marc Monzó, Andi Gut, Anna Martinsson, Ulrich Reithofer, Peter Hoogeboom, Mari Ishikawa, Annika Åkerfelt, Karin Seufert, Peter Scubic, Lina Petersson, Sara Borgegård, Erik Kuiper, Ineke Heerkens, Bettina Speckner, Sebastian Buescher, Warwick Freeman, Iris Neuwenburg, Jiro Kamata, Anne-Marie Bernhardt, Hanna Hedman, Lin Cheung, Bas Bouman, Birgit Laken, Norman Weber, Gemma Draper, Kristi Paap, Alexander Blank, Klara Brynge, Mia Maljojoki, Jenny Klemming, Jantje Fleischhut, Mikiko Minewaki, Carolina Claesson, Linda Marie Karlsson, Maria Ylander, Åsa Christensson

Mia Maljojoki

Mikiko Minewaki

Jenny Klemming

Per Suntum

Jantje Fleischhut

Mikiko Minewaki


Hanna Hedman

Lin Cheung

Bas Bouman

Birgit Laken

Norman Weber

Gemma Draper

Kristi Paap

Alexander Blank

Klara Brynge


Warwick Freeman

Iris Nieuwenburg

Jiro Kamata

Anne-Marie Bernhardt

Sara Borgegård

Erik Kuiper

Ineke Heerkens

Bettina Speckner

Sebastian Buescher


Karin Seufert

Annika Åkerfelt

Karin Seufert

Peter Skubic

Lina Peterson

Anna Martinsson

Ulrich Reithofer

Ted Noten

Peter Hoogeboom

Mari Ishikawa


Charlotte Ho Sook Sinding

Anne-Lene Løvhaug

Stephanie Jendis

Sonia Morel

Beppe Kessler

Pia Aleborg

Julia Maria Künnap
Maarja Niinemägi
Merle Kasonen
Kertu Tuberg
Kätrin Beljaev
Raili Arbus
Villu Plink
Piret Hirv
Eve Margus-Villems

Marc Monzo

Andi Gut


Alexander Blank

Ruudt Peters

Xavier Ines Monclús

Mah Rana

Silke Trekel

Peter Bauhuis

Terhi Tolvanen

Svenja John

Jivan Astfalck

Anna Unsgaard


Kerstin Ringedal

Fabrice Schaefer

Rian de Jong

Lucy Sarneel

Elsie-Ann Hochlin

Elsie-Ann Hochlin

Georg Dobler

Katja Prins

Lena Bergestad-Jonsson

Ramon Puig Cuyás


Gunilla Grahn

Vera Siemund

Karl Fritsch

Karen Pontoppidan

Nel Linsen

Margaret West

Agniezka Knap
Auli Laitinen
Magdalena Ringels
Charlotte Ho Sook Sinding

Lars Sture

Helena Lehtinen
Manuel Vilhena
Ingjerd Hanevold
Christoph Zellweger
Gunilla Grahn
Bettina Dittlmann/ Michael Jank
Ulrika Swärd


Lena Olson

Tarja Tuupanen

Bettina Dittlmann/ Michael Jank

Ketli Tiitsar
Berit Teeäär
Kristi Paap
Kaire Rannik
Maria Valdma

Anton Cepka

Manuel Vilhena

Castello Hansen

Gijs Bakker

Cecilia Johansson


Margareth Sandström/ Eva Dora Lamm

Ruudt Peters

Barbara Paganin

Kasia Gasparski

Brit h k Rummelhoff

Annelies Planteydt

Ingjerd Hanevold

Kadri Mälk

Hnoss 5 år


Peter Skubic

Helena Sandström

Jamie Bennett

Lotta Åström

Karen Ihle/ Jens Eliasen

Johanna Dahm

Petra Schou

Adam Paxon

Kim Buck

Bruce Metcalf


Mona Wallström

Ari Turunen

Synnöve Korssjöen

Konrad Mehus

Onno Boekhoudt

Ulrika Swärd

Rian de Jong

Christoph Zellweger

Helena Lehtinen


Bodil Binner
Mette Såbye
Helle Lövig Espersen
Gudbjörg kr. Ingvarsdottir
Anderes Leed Christensen

Margareth Sandström 

Karin Johansson

Sigurd Bronger

Esther Knobel

Tore Svensson

Anette Kraen

Janicke Horn

Beppe Kessler


Otto Kunzli

Kim Buck

Kerstin Ringedal
Margareta Lifmark
Katarina Henriksson
Lena Olson
Anna Martinsson
Gunilla Grahn
Ulrika Eliasson
Ninni Benediktsson
Karin Johansson

Christer G. Jonsson

Peter de Wit

Otto Kunzli

Andreas Treykorn

Ari Silvennoinen

Verena Sieber-Fuchs


Ingjerd Hanevold

Lena Bergestad-Jonsson 

Per Suntum