Transhumance: The Sense of Place and Pasture
workshop with Walka Studios

In colaboration with Iaspis (International Artist Studio Program in Sweden) Hnoss Initiative arranges a workshop with Walka Studios from Chile. Participants are professional Jewellery artists. For two days their attending workshop and in connection with New Adventures in Jewellery 19-20 september there will be an open presentation of experiences and results from the workshop.
Open presentation
Fri 19 Sept 18-20
Sat-Sun 20-21 12-16
Adam Grinovich, Sweden, Anna-Karin Haag, Sweden, Charlotte Maslov, Sweden, Elin Flognman Sweden, Gunilla Grahn, Sweden, Jenni Sokura Finland, Karin Gyllerfelt Sweden, Kia Utzon Frank Danmark, Mikael Sellersjö, Sweden, Nils Hint Estland, Serena Holm, Sweden, Tove Knuts Sweden, Yasar Aydin, Sweden